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COVID-19 has been raging all over the world, and the medical supply for epidemic prevention and control is a key to ensure the safety of people's health and lives. After the successful interdiction of the epidemic in Wuhan,  the scientific and orderly prevention and control of the epidemic has become the consensus of the Chinese government and all sectors of society. As a responsible country, China would like to initiate and join hands with international community with a "China Solution".  At present, due to the lack of unified management and quality control of import and export, the quality of medical supply for epidemic prevention materials does not always meet the standards of countries (regions) in need. In addition, problems of false certification, price confusion and arbitrary breach of contracts is causing troubles and bad names to the international reputation of exporting countries and it has become urgent for the global society to work together to solve current problems and difficulties.

The "International Alliance of Medical Suppliers" has been established in respond to the "landmark" international cooperation initiative launched by WHO and to ensure and facilitate the efficient and convenient implementation of medical supply to the international community. The Alliance has been initiated by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the China International Chamber of Commerce, with support from more than 200 medical suppliers of epidemic prevention and control. The alliance is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and is currently making every effort to coordinate all parties to supply the world with quality products with reasonable prices and contribute to the global epidemic fightings in the spirit of international humanism. The Alliance has incorporated the following platforms:

Liaison Center of Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
Advisory Center for International Legal Assistance in Business
Center for International Certification and Guidance
Center for Product Testing and Inspection
Center for Research and Innovations
Center for Display of medical products
Data center for medical supply and epidemic prevention and control
INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE OF MEDICAL SUPPLIERS Mobile phone:+86-15210288356 mailbox:WXY@iams-covid-19.com address:2211 Shenyan Road, Yantian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province